Psychodra and Somatic Work

Group Therapy in Eglish in Budapest

Many of you have been in or have inquired about one-to-one counselling therapy with me.


In my experience certain issues can be covered more effectively in group therapy. A group of people who have similar problems can serve as a safe model of your immediate surrounding, of the people you meet and have conflicts with.  Also individual sessions lead to insight and realization of your dysfunctional patterns, sources of problems, however group processes facilitate the actual changes in these.


Therefore this year Dóra Pető, my colleague and friend and I have decided to launch an English speaking Psychodrama and Somatic Work group together.


We are aware that many of you know each other and also that traditionally group therapies contraindicate mixing real life relationships with therapy. Although it can challenge the participants to a certain extent, based on our experience we believe that considering your primary strive towards genuineness in your real life the fact of being with your peers in a group can only contribute to this.


The combination of Psychodrama and Somatic Work is body and movement oriented and can lead you to
  • more genuine presence in relationships

  • spontaneity and creativity in coping mechanisms

  • truthfulness and self-loyalty

  • deepened identity

  • courage and strength to become what you want to be

  • harmony of body, emotions and mind

  • ability of deep intimacy in love relationship


The above methods are helpful for you if you from time to time experience
  • anxiety,

  • a feeling of fear or threat,

  • sense of loneliness,

  • difficulty in coping with uncomfortable or stressful situations,

  • insecurity, low self-esteem,

  • concern of being rejected or not accepted.


We’ll provide you the opportunity of better understanding of the methods we use on our first occasion. After the first two days you can decide whether to continue and commit to the group. From this point on your absences are to be paid, too.


Location: “KözHely” - 1131 Budapest, Fáklya utca 4.


Dates: two  weekends, 10 am - 6 pm and 

Every third Friday afternoon 3 - 9 pm 


Price: 14,000 HUF/Friday session and 17,000 HUF/one weekend-day