MOTHERHOOD – women’s priority and women’s concern

A group of 4-6 english speaking women, led in English

Motherhood – the complex content covered by this word is dealt broadly in my group designed for women. Thinking deeper, being a mother or being a woman shouldn’t mean different. Whether or not you have a child, makes no difference considering the main aspect of a woman – her motherhood, where „main” wouldn’t be the proper word, it would rather be „inseparable”.

The problems that arise when having a child or facing difficulties in nursing often come from an ambivalent relationship to our own parent, to our inner child or to motherhood itself as integrated into femineity. As women we have all experienced the contradictions of our gender roles; sometimes it seems hard to conciliate the roles of a woman, a wife, a lover, a mother, a person with career ambitions and a caring one with the responsibility of keeping the family together.

Group activities dealing with motherhood aim to reveal the hindering backgrounds of  personality that obstruct experiencing exquisite happiness of being a mother of a child by avoiding unwillingly followed patterns or without having anxieties for things that could be fixed and overdone.


Vidák Vera pszichológus, önismeret, egyéni terápia, pszichodráma, counselling therapy

The group is held on every second Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  in the 6th district, Andrassy ut 98 in the building of MagNet Bank. 

In the meantime  toddler playground is available (if necessary) for your babies with English speaking baby-sitters at an affordable price.

One group course consists of  a process of 8 occasions. Commitments are asked to be made after the first two occasions. After commitment missed activities must be paid as well.

Group activities cost 10000 HUF per occasion.

​About myself:  my name is Vera Vidák. Beside other group activities I have been running Motherhood groups for several years, though in Hungarian language by now. In techniques I integrate methods of psychodrama, bodywork and cognitive and behavioural therapy with the psychological knowledge of my theoretical degree. (If you read Hungarian, you can proceed to a more detailed introduction clicking here.)

Do you have questions about the group? Do not hesitate to contact me by

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telephone: +3620/ 33 915 99.